2.4 Beta Program Launch - Early Holiday Gift to You

We’re excited to bring you the kickoff of the 2.4 beta program in time for all that down time you are preparing for during the holidays! Since donations have been down for a while, I have not had to take time bookkeeping so I’ve had time to crank out a lot of good stuff for 2.4. However, with the Holidays coming up, maybe no donations isn’t such a good thing, hint, hint…



Read the rest on the official annoucement here.

In case you did not dig into the latest update, Training and Beta Program Update, we just added DUNDi to the FreePBX Trunk types supported. It still requires manual configuration of your dundi.conf file but should lower the barrier to entry by a notch once you have done that since it makes it very easy to trunk together FreePBX branches once you have! Hopefully this will spice up more interest in the Beta program and give the testing efforts a bit of a boost.

Let us know how it is working!