2.4.0 to 2.9.0rc1.3 migration - NOT upgrade

I have an old PowerEdge 1900 with an old trixbox setup on it from years ago. I didn’t build that box and so I’m not particularly certain about it’s configuration. That box - PBX1 - is starting to slowly become useless and we’re looking to port it’s functionality to a blade server in our co-location (instead of the local office where PBX1 currently sits.)

Naturally, the install of the latest FreePBX distro worked great, and I have a fresh copy running without issue on the blade (now PBX2). I thought I would be able to use the backup/restore function to backup the config from the old server and restore it to the new one, but that doesn’t work. For some reason it reverts PBX2 to FreePBX2.4.0 after the restore is complete.

Question: What files would I need to move from PBX1 to PBX2 in order to get PBX2 up and running? I just want to have the extensions and conference lines moved over, the box itself isn’t that heavily populated I just don’t want to have to enter in hundreds of settings manually.

just upgrade the box after doing the restore to 2.9 and it will run through all the needed migrations.

This worked perfectly. Thank you very much for your assistance!