2.3.0rc1 - Follow Me Doesn't appear in IVR destinations

Upgraded to 2.3.0rc1 on a Asteris@home 2.8 server. Configured a Folllow Me on extension 100. However, for some reason, this follow me doesn’t appear as an option in IVRs… I mean, not this particular Follow Me on ext 100, but there is no field to choose Follow Me from.

I’ve got around this by using a Ring Group, but would like to knwo if there is problem with my setup, or 2.3.0rc1 has follow me done such by design?


Does it not become in effect part of the extenson, so when the extenson is called from any source, the follow me takes effect?

(This is guesswork, but that’s how I’d expect it to work).

Never tested that… however, in prior versions, Follow Me would appear as a separate option in IVRs… I’ll go home and check out pointing to the Extension only and see if that rings all the phones I’ve specified in its Follow Me.

read the CHANGES log - the answer is yes, extensions will now direct it and if you had previously had a followme destination it will have been properly upgraded to point to your extension.