2.2.0 - Release Candidate

There were still a few nasty bugs left over, and some fixes to be done, but they all seem to be done and sorted now. IAX extensions, which were totally broken in the whole 2.2 branch, have finally been fixed, thanks to an eagle-eyed n3glv on the support IRC channel. Thanks!

There is, as usual, a pile of changes, and I’ve finally updated the changelog in the actual distribution. Here is is, for your reading pleasure:


  • New Modules: phpagiconf, announcement, blacklist, cidlookup, customerdb, dictate, inventorydb, parking, pbdirectory, phonebook, printextensions, speeddials, ZoIP
  • New option in amportal.conf for remote backups (as well as significant backup fixes)
  • Changed Call Recordings to user MixMontior, better performance and more reliable.
  • Fixed prefix lookup to use localcallingguide.com XML interface
  • Fix potential security hole in CALLERID(name) and CALLERID(num) (see r2076)
  • Redo front end with the new look, Thanks to Steven Fischer for the template
  • Using new redirect() call, so the back button on the web browser is usable again
  • New module management, including progress of downloads
  • Added ability to ‘lock’ a trunk to only use a specified CID (‘KEEPCID’ patches)
  • Add support for Hebrew (RTL) text formatting
  • dialparties.agi now written in PHP
  • Went rummaging around through the old sourceforge forums and found some patches that had been lost in the move
  • FOP now using the latest version, .26
  • Huge number (200+) of minor bug fixes
  • Policy change with relation to releases. There is now a ‘base’ and a ‘withmodules’ package. The ‘withmodules’ pack is useful for machine that don’t have easy internet access, and contains all the modules currently available at the time of the release. This is also useful for new installations, too.

There are, unfortuately, still a few minor bugs that unfortunately have major repercussions to fix. Specifically, the CIDlookup and PinSets modules aren’t able to apply their changes properly, before the page is displayed. This means, thatn when you’re in inbound routes, and you try to apply a pinset to a route, after you click Submit the old setting is still there. Fear not, however. Just click on the route again, and the correct setting is there. Unfortunately, the way the logic works is ‘Display the Page’ then ‘Apply the Changes’. This can cause you problems if you then edit something else on the route, and click submit again, as it’ll display the previous (correct) setting, but actually revert back to the old (incorrect) setting. Just a little thing to be wary of.

Apart from that, a significant change is that we’ve been able to re-enable the browsers ‘Back’ button. You can still, potentially, do silly things, but at least you’ll get a warning that you’re about to Re-submit data and hopefully you’ll at least realise why there suddenly is a duplicate extension or route that you weren’t expecting to have.
There are still some module fixes to be released, that we’ll bring out probably tomorrow. These will REQUIRE 2.2.0rc1, as they use the new redirect() call, which isn’t present in 2.2.0beta3. I also still need to do some work on the backup and restore module. I’m hoping that we can get all the niggly little buglets out of it before we release 2.2.0 proper. I’m also looking into having the ability to upload a file to restore, which would make disaster recovery a whole lot easier than it is now.

Apart from that, I think that this is a valid RC1. I can’t see any significant bugs left, everything seems to work, and it’s all good. Enjoy, and PLEASE REPORT BUGS!