2.11 Upgrade Tool cannot be installed:

Hello All,

When trying to update one of the PBX’s I get the following Error from module admin:
2.11 Upgrade Tool cannot be installed:
A FreePBX version below 2.11.0alpha1 is required, you have 2.11.0

No core modules need update/upgrade according to module admin.

According to:
cat /etc/schmooze/pbx-version = 1.816.210.58-1

I tried searching Google with no results.

I tried to reinstall a few rpms with yum to insure every dependency has been met with no luck.

Any suggestions?


You are at version 2.11.0, you have no need for version upgrade tool. All that does is set the version.

It must just be a flag that wasn’t set that the tool was used already. Any way I can get rid of that message?