2.10x Remote Backup / Restore Questions

Hello All,

I have several questions to ask in respect to the backup modules.

In reviewing the backup procedures, I have seen that the backups are now much bigger than before. On a small server it’s at 800+MB with all of the pre-defined backup templates selected.
CDR’s, Config Backup, Exclude Backup Settings ( remote server ) Full Backup, System Audio and Voicemail.
I also add in a directory /tftp.

I see that 90% of that is /var/www/html/admin/modules/.
Are we supposed to backup those modules?

When I check the CDR’s it doesn’t appear I get current CDR’s from the remote server almost like it wasn’t really backed up. I was expecting to see from the backup date backwards.

On a side note, if I have a remote backup server which is a live standby, and it suddenly gets a call because the SIP trunk can’t communicate to the primary server, should I not see the CDR’s from those calls? I understand once we restore the backup from the primary that will be overwritten, but I don’t see the calls as they appear in the secondary/backup CDR’s.

In respect to the TFTP folder, I see that it’s not restored, nor can I find it in the backup file.