2.10 - system recordings - list width really narrow

Perhaps there is a config somewhere?

I just upgraded to 2.10, and am poking around, and found that the recordings list in system recordings seems really narrow - where a single recording name spans 2 or more lines. I see the blue bubble moves correctly, but it would be nice to be able to make that area a bit wider - twice as wide would seem fine. On my 22in screen, there is alot of real estate between the end of “8000Hz” and the list window.

2.9 had the same problem, but each recording was visibly separated in its own blue box, making it easier to pick each one out visually, so the narrowness never bothered me before. Lacking the visual separators in 2.10 makes me want a wider box.

Not meaning to hijack this thread but in the same System Recordings, I could not move items (recordings) up or down. When I did it want to reload right away and of course nothing moving up or down the list. Using FireFox.

I concur on the narrowness. Cosmetic really.