2.10 gui layout edit tips

Hi FreePbx,

Since there is no going back to the 2.9 menu layout, we have to live with the 2.10 gui layout, with php version 5.3
If I want to edit the Gui layout, what files do I have to edit. Can you give me some hints? For example edit a css file or something?
I hope you are willing to give me some tips. This will spare me a lot of time sorting this out myself.
I will edit the menu back to the static menu on the left, Or maybe even better a static menu on the top with the main subjects en then the result menu on the left with details of that subject.

I would like very much to hear some tips!

Thanx in advance!

it’s designed so you can complete change it but it will require more than just CSS, you will also have to change the views to establish a new menu layout.

If you simply want to re-organize the top menu into different categories, make some top level buttons, etc. then have a look at freepbx_menu.conf and the Advanced Setting that enables that file and you can re-organize it as you wish.

Otherwise, mbrevda would be the most knowledgable on where to have a look to make the changes for views in conjunction with changing the CSS, but it is all designed such that you could insert your own module that would make all the changes needed and they would not get affected by module upgrades.

Is it possible, not to edit too much to edit the menu back to the oldstyle 2.9 layout with static menu’s, or is it also needed to edit css and views also?

Thanx for you good answer by the way!

You can’t put it back to 2.9 as is.

When we made the change we blogged and solicited a lot of feedback to determine if we needed to provide two views, one with the new and one similar to the old. We were actually surprised how little negative feedback there was to the new layout since usually change brings a lot of resistance.

One thing to keep in mind though, we chose the new layout to gain more horizontal real estate which over time will be taken advantage of. It also allowed us to get rid of the somewhat confusing ‘dual’ menu structure previously used and required in order to have some displays such as the reports with more horizontal real estate.

So … if you really feel a need to ‘change it back’ to the way it was before, it will take both new “views” and new CSS to make the changes. As mentioned, it was explicitly designed for this purpose as there are more enterprising people who resell FreePBX and want the ability to significantly change the look and feel of it while maintaining compatibility with all changes that we introduce. That was the reason we made the changes that we did so this can be accomplished.

But … reducing the horizontal real estate will become a problem over time unless you routinely run with very wide browser windows on large displays.

Is it possible to copy back my css and views from 2.9 gui to the new distro’s with php 5.3, or would this go wrong because of the php 5.2 vs 5.3 differences?

If it works, I can make a 2.9 gui layout copy and copy it over the new distro’s gui.

Thanx in advance for your answer.

You could probably take the 2.9 CSS and views and with various tweaks, bet it to fit the changes in 2.10.

Your best bet would be to try to discuss it with mbrevda who did the 2.10 GUI and various changes in the framework from 2.9 to see what you would need to do.

I’m sure it will be more than just taking sections of 2.9 and dropping them into 2.10, but it’s probably got a good 80% of what you are looking for.

Freepbx_menu.conf v2.10

I am editing the menu layout, the new 2.10 layout is not so bad at all.
Now I managed to add new category’s with sub-items.
But I want to rename or remove, or rename excisting items like:
Admin and Connectivity

Afterward I can re-add them in Selfmade category’s

Can you help me with some other details?
sort=-9 How does this work, 9 steps up??

Maybe you can provide me a more extended sample.
This is what I found, but not clear how to use it.
[display_name] This is clear
type=[setup|tool] Probably the old 2.9 style, not usefull in 2.10
name=New Name This is clear
remove=[yes|no] Also clear how to use
category=[Favorites|Existing Different Category|New Category]

How should I implement thiscategory? (sample?)
creating a category is clear, but what is Different and the “|” sign?

Many thanx in advance!

the sort is a weighting form -9 to 9 , by default the weighting is 0 iirc

the category is either ‘Favorites’ which is a special case meaning it will always be on the far left, one of the existing categories or you can define a new category. If you reassign all the items in an existing category then that category will disappear.