2.10 CDR module not showing recordings

I am running FPBX 2.10 and the CDR module 2.10.06

The system is set to record all calls in gsm format, and all these calls appear in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor

However, none of the call recordings show up in the cdr module next to the cdr entries, the recording column is empty for every call listed.

any ideas??

Ok I have sort of worked out what is happening.

All the new recordings are showing up correctly, but any recordings which were done before upgrading to 2.10 are not. This is because the CDR table in mysql now records the name of the recording file.

As none of the old recordings appear in the CDR table, is there a script which will search /var/spool/asterisk/monitor and match them up with the CDRs and enter the recording filename into the CDR table??

Anyone ???