14 to 15 upgrade

Something I can fix, or just start from scratch.
I am trying to put together a version 15 system to test. Downloaded all OK.
When I use the 14-15 upgrade tool, all the tests come back OK, but when I proceed to the Upgrade process I get a nice orange bar at the top of the page

Call to private method module_functions::generate_unique_id() from context

And it just shows ERRORS in the Submitting data to servers line

A wild guess: what version of PHP are you using?

Version shows as

PHP 5.6.40 (cli) (built: Jan 22 2019 23:51:52)

If you are using the latest version of that module, you can report this on issues.freepbx.org

This is fixed in edge. Has been for a while.

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Sorry, going to have to be a bit dumb here…
Fixed in Edge…?? What do I need to do?

Disregard… Found it in Advanced options.
Set to edge mode and rebooting now just for kicks. Will try again when it comes back up

Note that you don’t have to take the entire machine to edge - you can just update the one package you are looking for with the “fwconsole ma install …” command. There’s an option to pull either a specific version or just “the edge” version.

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