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14 to 15 upgrade

(Paul Bennett) #1

Something I can fix, or just start from scratch.
I am trying to put together a version 15 system to test. Downloaded all OK.
When I use the 14-15 upgrade tool, all the tests come back OK, but when I proceed to the Upgrade process I get a nice orange bar at the top of the page

Call to private method module_functions::generate_unique_id() from context

And it just shows ERRORS in the Submitting data to servers line

(Dave Burgess) #2

A wild guess: what version of PHP are you using?

(Paul Bennett) #3

Version shows as

PHP 5.6.40 (cli) (built: Jan 22 2019 23:51:52)

(Itzik) #4

If you are using the latest version of that module, you can report this on

(Andrew Nagy) #5

This is fixed in edge. Has been for a while.

(Paul Bennett) #6

Sorry, going to have to be a bit dumb here…
Fixed in Edge…?? What do I need to do?

(Paul Bennett) #7

Disregard… Found it in Advanced options.
Set to edge mode and rebooting now just for kicks. Will try again when it comes back up

(Dave Burgess) #8

Note that you don’t have to take the entire machine to edge - you can just update the one package you are looking for with the “fwconsole ma install …” command. There’s an option to pull either a specific version or just “the edge” version.

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