14 to 15 Upgrade failure


I just downloaded and installed versionupgrade- to upgrade my FreePBX appliance to V15. I kicked off the upgrade which passed all prereq checks and started running but about 75% of the way through the output said-

Updating Hooks…
ERROR: Try running this manually on the CLI to finish: ‘fwconsole ma upgradeall’

I went ahead and logged int via console and noticed that it failed to install the Digium module due to Endpoint Manager being installed. Is this documented anywhere and if so who isn’t it part of the prereq check to look for conflicting modules?

I went back into module admin and tried to process that module upgrade again to I could capture the error:

Error(s) installing digium_phones:

  • Failed to install Digium Phones Config due to the following conflicting module(s): EndPoint Manager

This is not related to the upgrade per se, there is a prohibition in 15 for both EPM and Dig Phone modules to be installed simultaneously. Since there is no such restriction in 14, I wonder if perhaps if this is by design or if it’s a hold over from a long time ago. @kgupta1 do you know?

Well I understand that but I guess my point is that as you stated

there is no such restriction in 14

there is in 15 which since this caused the upgrade to fail and me to have to manually log into the shell of the system to complete the upgrade, I think it should be called out as part of the prerequisite check.

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