14-digit international dial nr

Hi, In the dial plan I just have “.” for a test. The system will make a call on a trunk line with numbers of up to 13-digits. On calls with 14-digit number it will not pass.

To call USA its 001-123-123-1234 , Venezuela 0058-123-123-1234 and Panama 00507-123-1234

Only the USA format will go true FreePBX. All works fine if I put a analog phone and make the call on that same trunk.

I’ve tried



FreePBX v2.5.1.5 with TDM-2400P

In the FOP I see for a brief second “s-CHANUNAVAIL”.

Open up a Linux shell to the pbx, type in asterisk -r and type core set verbose 5

Dial the 14 number and watch the output, after the call set back the verbose level with core set verbose 3.

Look in the log for the error, post the relevant portion of the log here or use pastebin.

I had hanguponpolarityswitch = yes changed to no , that seems to be the solution.