13 Distro, allow access to single directory when using required http auth

I setup requiring HTTP authentication for provisioning with the SysAdmin module and EPM gets the firmware for me. It works well with some phones but some old grandstreams don’t even allow a login/pass for firmware downloads. So I need to make the grandstream firmware provisioning directory accessible without using a username/password.

I’ve made a .htaccess folder in tftpboot/grandstream/1/.htaccess and it doesn’t seem to have any effect:

Allow from all
Satisfy any
Require all granted

Has anyone been able to open up a single directory?

I am using the Freepbx 13 distro. I currently have the freepbx Firewall enabled.

Self solved. Added custom.conf to the /etc/httpd/conf.d directory then rebooted apache

<Directory /tftpboot/grandstream/>
Satisfy Any

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