100 Agent Queue

Asterisk/FreePBX 14.

Getting ready to deploy a 100+ agent queue for the first time. I wanted to reach out here to see if anyone else has done anything close to this number? How did it go? Any gotchas? Any other considerations to note?


Don’t use Asterisk 14, it’s EOL. Move to 16.

We don’t have a single queue with 100 agents rather 100 agents between multiple queues.

We did get some complains recently where the queue sends calls to PJSIP extensions even when they are on the phone. (Of course, skip busy is enabled)

I didn’t have a chance to debug it yet, and not even sure how to. The full and Asterisk log and the queue log confirms that it rang the agent, and I can see a previous call lasted during the time it rang.

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Will move to 16. I guess we will have to try the 100 and see what happens. Thanks for the advice.

FreePBX 14 != Asterisk 14

These are separate things.

As for the 100 person queue. I do not have anything with 100 people in a single queue either. Largest site I have active is ~800 extensions, but zero queues. So cannot help there, sorry.


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