10 PSTN Line with two DID configuration as an example

Hi to all,
I am configuring 10 PSTN line with 2 DID (PSTN Numbers) using TDM2400 port digium card

here is my configuration for Zap Channel DIDs in web interface
please have a look and give your comments
let say first DID is 8845123 and second one is 8845996
now for each channel map that starts from 1 to 12
I can give channel number, its description and its DID
so for the first five POTS line my setting will looks like

Description: zap channel
DID: 8845123

Channel: 2
Description: zap channel 2
DID: 8845123

same for channel 3 and 4, 5

now for DID 8845996

Channel: 6
Description: zap channel 6
DID: 8845996

Channel: 7
Description: zap channel 7
DID: 8845996

same for channel 8,9,10

after this how Can I connect these to inbound route?
any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

just make a couple inbound routes using those DIDs for each.

hi to all
here are the screen shots of the freepbx for above scenario. please have your comments

ZAP Channel DIDs

Inbound Route

using Asterisk CLI command ‘zap show channels’ I get the pseudo from 13 to 24 on 24 port card with 12 FXO modules installed
so the pseudo as showing on CLI Screen I am using this as channel in the web interface