1-way audio problem for remote extension after early Jan updates

My remote extension worked well in Dec. Although I remember reading something about set up sip_conf, I left sip_conf file blank.

However, after the holiday, there are a bunch of updates and I made those updates in early Jan (around the 11th). After that the remote extensions started to have 1-way audio problem: remote extensions could not hear the called parties.

I tried to put the following in to sip_conf
( is my router’s IP address)
but my remote extensions continued to have 1-way audio problems.

I use pbxinflash 1.3 and freePBX2.5.1.

Try this document: HOWTO: Resolving Audio Problems

do not edit the file sip.conf. At the top it should have had a statement like:

; Do NOT edit this file as it is auto-generated by FreePBX. All modifications to ;
; this file must be done via the web gui. There are alternative files to make    ;
; custom modifications, details at: http://freepbx.org/configuration_files       ;

It was put there for a reason and I recommend that you follow it.

I am reading the HOW-To from wiseoldowl.

Hello, fskrotzki, my sip_nat.conf file was blank at the original setting. I am using PBXinflash. The content of this file is blank after initial installation.

Thank you, both.

Yes after a initial install it should be. Above you said sip_conf which I took to be a typo of sip.conf

You can place those changes in either the sip_nat.conf or the sip_general_custom.conf but do not place them in both or you will go nuts chasing issues later.

I see. thanks.