1 Server, 1 Hardrive, any options?

Hi Guys-

I have what I believe may be a Linux question versus FreePBX, but I’ll give it a try that I’m in the right place. I’ve been running relatively sucessfully on
with Kernel Version 2.6.18-53.1.14.el5 (SMP,)CentOS release 5 (Final) on an Intel Xeon™ CPU 2.40GHz server, but as I had a few test servers running trying to make get things started and am still a newbie, I’m left with 1 server with 1 HD. I’m wondering if there exists a way to integrate the 2nd matching HD to at least have them run mirrored while I work on a backup server. I do have plenty of backup space if that helps the process.

I do also have a few layers of backup in the power supply area and highspeed area, but the system became popular quickly and at least a few of us depend on it (more then we should).

Any advice?