1 out of 3 extensions behaving wierd?

Hi all,

First off, I’m trying to set up a quick network of 3 Cisco 7911 IP phones - I’ve had all sorts of trials and tribulations along the way, and I really intend to write something up for anyone else trying to follow in my footsteps - where’s the best place to write and host something like this?

Second, I have three identical Cisco 7911 phones, each upgraded to an identical config and firmware version using the same TFTP server. However, whichever physical phone occupies ext 203 (I also have extensions 201 and 202), it has a tendency to randomly stick itself in a “busy” mode? DND is not enabled, but no phones can dial it - it CAN dial out. So far I’ve checked:

  1. The phones appear identical when viewed from their built in web servers
  2. The config for the phones is identical (obviously apart from the extension numbers)
  3. The phone configs on FreePBX appear identical
  4. I’ve tried swapping the config between phones and the weird behavior sticks with the extension no, not the phone

I’m totally at a loss what to do next! Any help please?



Delete the extension, apply changes, and re-create it.

There’s probably a better “non-magic” answer, but I’ve had to do this a few times when an extension began acting weird.

I’ll give that a go next time I’ve got it all set up (I’ve got it all packed up so I don’t spend all week tinkering with it!)

But I must admit, I would much rather understand a little about how this happens - isn’t there a way to see the dialog going on between the phones and the PBX, some kind of log?