011 prefix on incoming CID

I can not figure it out why

But incoming CID’s get a prefix 011.
An incoming CID, sent to a ring group, should be 0032476101010 but is displayed as 0113247610101.
I can’t find where this is coming from.

What might be the origin of this?
thx! Kristof

What are you using for context in your trunk settings?


I don’t think you want to use that context. That may be the reason why you see the CID that way. Try with just from-pstn and check the CID again. Ultimately, will have to use a custom context.

doesn’t change anything when set to ‘from-pstn’.

The ‘from-pstn-e164-us’ is what Twilio the carrier documented to use as context

Ok, so some logs will be needed to know whats being sent from the carrier and what the PBX is doing with it.

Logs means as described in:


not the billing type logs.

01132 is the e164 prefix for calls to Belgium from the US, e164 for Belgium is 32 calls from outside the US to Belgium would be normally be 00132 but calls within would be . , .

The + would be interpreted as 01 in US and 001 from most everywhere else

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