0 in the dial plan

Can you add 0 as an extension and ring to a phone?

I tried to create a virtual extension 0 and use FMFM to forward the call, but this failed.

I need 0 to transfer out to an external number from chansip phones. I understand doing it from IVR or vmail but I need from extension.

Any ideas

If I recall correctly, there is a setting for “Operator” in one of the config files - perhaps under Advanced Settings?

Ya, no operator or anything like that in the Advanced Settings. I wish it was that easy.

It looks like you can’t create an extension with just 0, but you can create a Misc Application with a feature code of 0.

Thanks for the help.
You can create a ring group with 0 as the pilot. That’s how I fixed it.

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This is simple. I have been doing it for years.
Make an inbound route 0. Make an outbound route 0. Set the destination for both of these routes to the extension that you want to ring.