_FROM_DID variable in queue_log

Hi guys,
I have a problem, which costs me much time to solve it and I need some help. I have a PBX system with freePBX and have set the queue_log to go in the mysql. (asterisk 1.6). Everything is OK and it logs great, but I need one more field to be logged into the log - FROM_DID value of incoming calls. I need to log in the queue_log the DID on which the caller has called. Does somebody know a trick for that, and how to do it? I’ve searched and googled many things about this QueueLog() application, but with no success. Thanks in advance.

I don’t use queues and have no idea how the queue log is structured, but if the queue log records the account code or can be configured to store the account code, you might be able to adapt the technique outlined here:

This is already done in the upcoming FreePBX 2.10. Moshe checked it in this week.

Hi tonyclewis,
What is done in 2.10? The _FROM_DID value or the choice whether to show or not to show DID in the queue_log?

By default with 2.10 it will log the DID called for all queue logs with a custom dialplan call when a call enters the queue.

Hi tonyclewis,
Great, I will be glad to see it! But I think, this is an asterisk issue, not a FreePBX one.